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Talika Brow Tintation 4.2ml

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Semi-permanent brow dye

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As an expert in eyebrow care since 1948, Talika introduces Brow Tintation: the 1st non-oxidative, DIY, single-step eyebrow dye,marking a total departure from existing dyes.
Easy to use and with eye-catching results, this practical alternative to semi-permanent dyeing at a salon will appeal to many women.

The dye revolution.
Eyebrow dyes currently work on the same principle as permanent hair dye. They are oxidating dyes that use a chemical reaction with an oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide and a base solution like
2017: drew inspiration from tone-on-tone professional hair dyes to develop a non-oxidative DIY eyebrow dye.
For the first time ever, Research has used electrostatic electrostatic interaction in an eyebrowdye. This innovation has been validated by a patent.
Eyebrows naturally carry a negative charge, so the Brow Tintation formula incorporates positively-charged dyes which, through ion affinity, securely attach around the eyebrow hairs.
This principle of physical attraction helps intensify eyebrow colour without the need for chemical dyes.
Specifically formulated for the eyebrow area.

Jagua extract: traditionally used by Amazonian tribes for long-lasting tattoos (2-3 weeks)
Non oxidative synthetic colorants.

-Electrostatic interaction (non-chemical reaction) using tone-on-tone dyes
-80% of natural origin ingredients
-Single-step application, no need to mix products
-Brush applicator for quick and easy use
-Natural color from chestnut to brown, adjustable and universal
-Small bottle, brush applicator, 4.2 ml, up to 7 applications on 2 eyebrows
-Lasts up to 3 weeks
-Made in France

-On white hair: total coverage, ash grey finish
-On grey hair: total coverage, anthracite grey finish
-Permanently bold eyebrows, even without makeup.

Recommendations for use:
1) Apply to the entire eyebrow, carefully following the brow line.
2) Let sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending of the desired intensity.(Blond : 30 to 45 minutes / Light Brown : 30 to 50 minutes / Dark Brown : 30 to 60 minutes)
3) Remove the dye using a cotton ball with make-up remover.
4) Re-dye every 2-3 weeks to maintain the colour.

The application can be repeated just after removing the dye if you want a darker or more intense shade.

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