Filorga Pigment-White Brightening Care 50ml


  •  face skin care with a cleaning up effect 100% visible results after 15 days
  • Anti dark spots product (pigmentary or pregnancy mask) smoothing face cream and even moisturizing care.
  •  a triple action care : anti-dark spots, uniformity and radiance with also an anti-ageing effect

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Filorga Pigment-White Brightening Care is specially to correct the brown spots and regulate pigmentation on people who also need an anti-aging solution. A brightening care which allows to restore the cutaneous uniformity and reveal a bright and pure complexion.

An anti-dark spots cream with a combination of various ingredients which reduce the spots, color-correct the skin and boost radiance. Suitable for spots from all origins, like lentigo, after pregnancy, aging pigmentation or melasma. This cream is suitable on all skins in order to reduce the hyper-pigmentation, prevent further dark spots and boost the radiance. With an anti-aging action, it’s perfect for people looking for a solution for dark spots. Likewise, also those want to fight the signs of aging.

The results are rapidly visible, stains are reduced and attenuated, complexion is brighter and uniform.

Main Ingredients :

  • Crystalline minerals, Hexylresorcinol and Oleuropein. Correct dark spots by inhibiting the melanin synthesis and the lipofuscin production, in order to reduce the existing spots and prevent further dark pigmentation;
  • 3 ingredients help to color-correct the skin, as it contains Carcinin to correct yellow tones by reducing glycation, Gluconolactone to gently exfoliate and remove the grey undertones and Vitamin B3 to correct redness thanks to its soothing action;
  • a Vitamin C Derivative helps to boost the skin’s radiance.NCTF along with a Polysaccharide help to revitalize the skin.

How to use :

Apply Filorga Pigment-White Brightening Care as daily care, morning and/or evening on the whole face by insisting on the stains.

For an intensive program, use Pigment White after the serum Pigment Perfect during 12 weeks minimum.

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