Klorane Blond Highlights Chamomile Shampoo


  • emulsifying, softening and volume-enhancing base shampoo
  • blond radiance intensifying effect
  • free from any synthetic coloring agents
  • washes and repairs the hair
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Klorane Blond Highlights Chamomile Shampoo a blond radiance shampoo with intensifying effect. Furthermore, has a very mild emulsifying, softening and volume-enhancing base. In addition it is rich with Chamomile Extract. Moreover, this shampoo gently cleanses the hair and eradicates particles that make golden hair appear dull. Also, this shampoo washes and repairs the hair, lightening and brightening the blond highlights. In conclusion, from the first application, the hair gets smoother, softer, full of light, and easy to brush.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Texture: gel;
  • Hair issues: dull hair, blond highlights fading;
  • Time of application: during the bath;
  • Age: 3+;
  • Hair type: blond hair;
  • Main benefits: enhances shine, lightens and brightens blond highlights;
  • Formulated without: parabens, silicones, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Indication: Blond hair, light chestnut hair, highlighted hair, coloured hair.

How to use:

Apply Klorane Blond Highlights Chamomile Shampoo to wet hair and gently massage the scalp. Then rinse thoroughly.

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