Soleil Des Îles Huile Sèche Bronzage Intense 50% Monoï de Tahiti Parfum Coco 150ml


Soleil Des Îles 50% Monoï de Tahiti Parfum Coco hydrates the skin and intensifies the tan for a radiant and satiny effect. Dedicated to sun lovers.

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Huile Sèche Parfum Coco is rich in real Tahitian monoi and  tanning accelerator , Soleil Des Îles 50% Monoï de Tahiti Coco is dedicated to sun lovers. It hydrates the skin and intensifies the tan for a radiant and satiny effect . Its sweet coconut scent, exotic fruit par excellence, leaves a pleasant scent on the whole body.

It provides:

Intense tanning
Faster & more intense tanning with equivalent exposure
Monoï de Tahiti Designation of Origin (guaranteed content: 50% minimum )
Hydrates the skin
Nourishes and softens the skin

Using advice :

Apply Huile Sèche Parfum Coco to the body before sun exposure to stimulate the tanning process.
Without protection index, this dry oil is suitable for tanned or mat skin .
Overexposure to the sun is dangerous
Do not expose babies and young children to the sun

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