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Nuxe White Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ 30ml


All skin types brightening

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Nuxe SPF30 PA+++ Brightening BB Cream unifies, diminishes the appearance of dark spots, it beautifies and moisturizes.
Nuxe, expert in floral cosmetics, combines the power of white flowers (white crocus, daisy). It targets key factors of transparency: brightness, luminosity and hydration, for a radiant complexion evocative of a diamond. With mineral pigments, this ultra-fine tinted formula helps correct and even out the complexion, offering perfect coverage of blemishes, dark spots, fine lines and dark circles for lasting hold over 8 hours. It smoothes the skin, helps tighten pores (silica powder of natural origin, green tea) and lasting hydration (mallow, borage).


Directions of use:
Apply appropriate amount with foundation blush/sponge/finger tip evenly on face after daily routine skincare, blend into skin for a natural and flawless finish.


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