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Nuxe White Brightening Renewing Night Cream 50ml

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Whitening night cream

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NUXE WHITE Brightening Renewing Night Cream contains Lupinus Albus to target cells regeneration at night while offering moisturization by Sunflower Seed Oil for a smooth and delicate complexion. Also, Crocus Alatavicus is added to whiten skin and fight against dark spots. It leaves the skin obviously more radiant, and the complexion more uniform and clear.
Light in texture and easily absorbed by skin. The aroma of Magnolia, Jasmine and White Sandalwood are blended for a tender scent.

The NUXE skincare line that cimbines the power of White Flowers and Vitamin C to target the 3 key factors of skin Transparency:
-Whiteness with a trio of innovative active ingredients:
Stabilised Vitamin C
Stargazer Lily
White Crocus (patent -exclusive to NUXE(FR))
-Luminosity with a unique active ingredient:
Porcelain Rose
-Hydration: Japanese Cherry Tree

Apply appropriate amount on face after cleansing and toning at night.

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