Medela Special Needs Feeder


Medela Special Needs Feeder

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The Medela Special Needs Feeder is a unique feeding system designed for babies with a great variety of conditions, including:

Weakness after a cold or an illness.
Severe colic.
Cleft lip/palate, Pierre Robin Syndrome.
Down’s Syndrome.
Cerebral Palsey/Heart Condition.
Chromosomal abnormalities
The Medela Special Needs® Feeder can be used for all babies provided they can swallow adequately.

Advantages of The Medela Special Needs® Feeder
Rewards the weakest suck.
Cuts feeding time.
Adjustable flow rate – no overflow.
This allows a variable flow rate so that baby never receives too much milk at once.
Reduces wind and vomiting.
Helps baby’s sucking efforts.