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Forté Pharma Slimness Turbo Detox 500ml


Detoxification Drink

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Forté Pharma Slimness Turbo Detox will help you to get a thinner silhouette and to lose a few kilos, while detoxifying your body.

Plant-based, free from sweetener and artificial dye, Slimness Turbo Détox effectively acts to help you:
– Refine your shape thanks to the slimming action of its active ingredients (Maté).
– Drain and eliminate the toxins (Green Tea) to purify your body and regenerate it from within.

This drainer will accompany you all along the day with its delicious apple flavour!


Shake before use.
Dilute 10 ml in a large glass of water (300ml), to repeat 5 times a day. 10 days cure to repeat.

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