Forté Pharma Lipo Rédux 900mg 56 Capsules


To control one’s weight

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Forté Pharma Lipo Rédux 900mg 56 Capsules is a food supplement for those who want to control their weight and whose body mass index is between 25 and 29 (overweight).

The BMI is an indicator of body size: it is the measure of weight relative to height, used to estimate overweight and obesity for adults.

Sinetrol is an active compound, highly dosed with 900mg in the formula. This complex with complete action mechanism contains guarana , active ingredient acting on fat breakdown and stimulating weight loss.

Guarana helps control weight, enhances the breakdown of fat and promotes weight loss in addition to dietary measures.

Box for 1 month.

To control the weight, take 1 capsule twice a day during your meals with a glass of water.

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