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Forté Pharma 100% LIPO -30 Capsules-

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Dietary Supplement.

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Specially formulated by the Research & Development Department at Forté Pharma Laboratories, 100% LIPO contains a concentrated Green Tea extract high in Caffeine and 5 active plant ingredients. Zinc, also included in the formula, plays a role in the normal metabolism of fatty acids. And Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism to help preserve all your vitality!
Forte Pharma Lipo 100% based on 3 synergistic actions to lose weight quickly, efficiently and for a long time:

  • It limits fat storage. The LipoRédux exclusive phyto-mineral complex of Chrome-Fennel-Zinc promotes the natural regulation of blood glucose and decreases fat storage.
  • It effectively promotes the elimination of fats. The combination of green tea and guarana, caffeine-rich, enhances the burning of calories and fat breakdown. Papaya and vitamin C facilitate the assimilation of food by avoiding poorly digested food storage.
  • It activates sustainable disposal systems. Ginger, horseradish and vitamin B3 help eliminate waste and toxins.

1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening with a glass of water at mealtimes.

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