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Forté Pharma Minceur 24+ -28 Tablets-

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Dietary supplement

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Slimming 24+ has been especially formulated by the Department Research and Development of the Forté Pharma Laboratories to meet even more effectively the needs of our body’s “Slimness Chrono-biology” (maximum or minimal phases of activity of the various bodies). Its formula was enriched to:

  • During the day: activate the phases of elimination and combustion of fats, thanks to the action of phyto-active burners: Citrus Aurantium, Maté, Guarana, Groove and phyto-active drainers: Cherry Tails, Guava, Horseradish, Marine Crist.
  • During the night: mork more effectively on the limitation of the night fats storage, thanks to TOTAL OXYLIA, a natural complex, exclusiveness Forté Pharma, which benefits from a proven effectiveness.

Stimulate the toning of body by the synergistic action of CLA, collagen and Q10 Co-Enzyme, which act on the cutaneous regeneration, firmness and elasticity.
In 30 days, average loss of more than – 3 kg with a very significant average reduction of the waist measurement of – 3 cm, which increases very clearly at 60 days: – 6.7 cm

1 orange tablet in the morning before the breakfast and 1 blue tablet in the evening before dinner with a glass of water.

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