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Ducray Ictyane Hydrating Body Lotion 500ml


It moisturizes intensively to provide comfort and protection against external aggressions. The body milk Ictyane provides long-lasting hydration and a delicate fragrance with floral notes after use. Its texture is light and easily penetrates the epidermis. The skin regains softness and suppleness.

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Ducray Hydrating Body Lotion is the daily care of dry to very dry skin. Further, this cream with its unique formula provides a feeling of lasting comfort. Moreover, it is rich in nutrients. Thus it helps protect the skin from drying out and soothes tightness. Also, it combines Vaseline with glycerin to deeply moisturize the skin. Additionally, it retains water to prevent dryness and the feeling of tightness and burns that accompany it. Furthermore, it is suitable for the whole family, from adults to children to fight to protect the most sensitive skin and the most fragile. In addition, its texture is light and easily penetrates the epidermis.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • It protects your body from dehydration induced by cold (-10°C) and heat (+35°C)
  • It hydrates the skin intensely
  • 100% hydration and comfort
  • 87% protection against climatic stress
  • Long-lasting hydration: 48h

How to use:

Apply Ducray Hydrating Body Lotion one to two times daily on the entire body. Then perform light massages to penetrate the treatment.

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