Beesline Sun Tan Oil 200ml + Free After Sun Cooling Lotion 200ml


100% natural, nutrient-rich formula abundant in fresh carrot extract, beeswax & precious oils to ensure a safe, deep & long-lasting tan

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Beesline Sun Tan Oil Beesline Sun Tan Oil

100% natural formula, rich in fresh Carrot Extract, it:

•Provides a perfect long lasting tan
•Protects the skin against sun drying effect
•Enhances the skin’s elasticity
•Apply on the body before sun exposure.
•Renew regularly.
•In case you have clear complexion, mix it with Ultrascreen Cream SPF50 during first exposure.

After Sun Cooling Lotion 200ml :

A cooling formula after sun exposure, rich in natural active ingredients, it:

•Soothes redness, hydrates & refreshes the skin
•Regenerates the skin tissues
•Nourishes & seals sun-burnt and damaged skin
•Protects the skin from premature aging due to sun damage
•Spray as needed over the face & body while & after sun bathing.

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