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Advancis EasySlim® Box Detox will help you lose up to 4kg in 15 days, with 4 Food Supplements and the Practical Guide 4Kg in 15 days. In the Practical Guide you will find everything that you need to know to put the Advancis EasySlim® Box
Detox Plan in practice and rapidly achieve your weight goal!
In your EasySlim Box Detox you will find:
1. Diet Practical Guide
Advancis® Drena formula has in its composition ingredients that reduce liquid retention and promote the degradation of lipid deposits in adipose tissue, leading to a sliming figure and the reduction of celulite.
Advancis® Essential is aimed to improve vitality and the immune system, contributing to a general balance and well being. Advancis® Essential is reinforced with prebiotics that enhance the absorption of minerals and promote the synthesis of vitamins.
4. Advancis® CLA
Advancis® CLA, formulated with GREEN TEA & YERBA MATÉ, acts in the elimination of body fat mass and in the muscle increase, which reflects on the silhouette improvement.
Advancis® Hepax has been specially developed to promote and protect liver function. The cynarin, present in artichoke, stimulates bile secretion facilitating the digestion of fats. Advancis® Hepax actively contributes to the general well-being and detoxification.

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