Advancis Energy Multivitamin 30 tablets


  • When to Recommend:
  • People with an active life.
  • Intense physical activity.
  • Fatigue and stress situations.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Weight loss programs.
  • Smokers and alcoholics.
  • Convalescence period.
  • Multiple medications or treatment with antibiotics.
  • Rebalance the intestinal flora.
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Advancis Energy Multivitamin is a food supplement with a once a day intake that contains vitamins, minerals and prebiotics. It’s formula is enhance with a standardized extract of Ginseng, rich in ginsenosides.

The prebiotics (FOS and GOS) increase the body’s capacity to absorb minerals and promote vitamin B synthesis. Prebiotics also help regulate intestinal transit and flora, contributing towards the reinforcement of the immune system.

With a rapid action, Energy Vitamins is specifically for people with an active life, who need extra support to fight stress, fatigue, physical and mental weariness.

Contains vitamins and minerals. Reinforced with standardized ginseng extract with a high concentration of ginsenosides (20%), associated to prebiotics which allow a high vitamin and mineral absorption.

It is a fast-acting and aimed at people with active lives helping to fight stress, exhaustion and physical and intellectual fatigue.


Take 1 tablet of Advancis Energy Multivitamin a day, after breakfast. But do not take on an empty stomach.


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