Celllife International Amplified-B 30 Capsules


Dietary Supplement

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This product contains no Sugar, no Preservatives and Sodium free.
A better quality of health is already available; Amplified B a reliable combination of Vitamins, which improves the metabolic and neurological functions.
This homogenous association of Vitamins B- Complex is highly important to regulate Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism, Circulation, Energy, Muscle tone maintenance as well as to enhance the Immune System. Amplified B is needed for the proper functioning of almost every process in the body. Therefore, Amplified B maintains a healthy nervous system and intestine, and blood cell formation. This unique combination of B-Complex boosts the growth of Nails, Hair and maintains a healthy skin. As an efficient supplement, Amplified B protects against Neurological Damage.

1 capsule daily.

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