Celllife International Amplified-Zinc 36 Capsules


Dietary Supplement

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This product contains no Sugar, no Preservatives and Sodium free.
For a healthy life away from many diseases, use Amplified Zinc, which is an essential Mineral that stimulates the activity of enzymes in the body.
Among its many functions, Amplified Zinc helps maintain a Healthy Immune System; it is also advantageous for Wound Healing, and, it helps preserve your Sense of Taste and Smell. This exclusive product prevents and shortens the length of Colds, Sniffles, Sneezing, Scratchy Throat, Nasal Congestion and Flu.

Taking Amplified Zinc can help stimulate the function of Cell Membranes.
As a powerful Antioxidant Amplified Zinc protects other Antioxidants especially Vitamin A and C and keeps them active.

2-4 capsules daily

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