Nearly 100 years of peace and well-being
In the quietude welfare assets
following almost 100 years our French company, founded in 1921, manufactures and markets entirely dedicated to well-being products. For Quies, peace is an essential component of well-being and the well-being is our ability to live in harmony with our environment. This is why the legendary pink pearl, tranquility emblem, has offspring of many products that improve the well-being in everyday life. Anti-snoring, ear protection, eye or skin
Quies has evolved with the time making quality ethics, innovation strategy, and pragmatism a course of action. It now sells its products in over twenty countries, both in pharmacies and supermarkets. It reported a turnover of 13 million €, 20% for export. Quality, sustainability commitment How to ensure the consistent quality of our products? Remaining a human-sized company – Quies has 49 employees – full control of its production. Almost all of our products are made ​​in France. Boules Quies 60 million each year and out of our plant in Palaiseau. ISO 9001 certified since 1998 throughout its range, Quies makes it a point of honor to continuously monitor its raw materials and optimize the traceability of its products. She submits annually to quality audits to meet various regulatory requirements. She has obtained ISO 13485 certification for medical devices for all its hygiene and well-being. Innovation, a human commitment Quies puts man and his environment at the heart of its approach. And these are not empty words. His strategy? Innovating to deal with annoyances of everyday life. After the invention of the ball Quies, other products were invented, such as anti-snoring strips of pellets or ears bath and sport. Quies thus making significant technology investments to expand its product lines dedicated to well-being while respecting the environment. Reducing energy consumption, continuous improvement in the management of raw materials and waste, optimizing transport and logistics Pragmatism civic engagement Designing new products to relieve his fellow c ‘ is good. Prevent discomfort is better! Our hearing capital is fragile, preserve it: this is the message Quies delivers during the National Day of Hearing which it is a partner. Also present at numerous festivals and music events, it distributes its free earplugs viewers to raise awareness of the often irreversible damage caused by noise. Because the well-being comes first place through prevention.

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