Quies Anti Noise Wax Earplugs


  • Effective, mouldable and easy to use earplugs
  • Ensures comfort and efficiency
  • Great product for noise reduction
  • Ideal for prolonged use (sleeping, resting, studying, etc.)
  • Ensures long-lasting comfort
  • Reduces noise by 27 dB
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Quies Anti Noise Wax Earplugs protect the ears from noise by reducing noise levels by an average of 27 dB. These anti-noise earplugs are malleable with long-lasting comfort and adapt to all ear canals by offering excellent support in the ear. These earplugs are designed of wax are wrapped in cotton, so that they stay fresh and you can handle them without them slipping out of your hands. Quies Anti Noise Wax Earplugs ensure a peaceful night’s sleep wherever you are and they come in a compact form so you can take anywhere with you.

How to use:

  1. Remove the cotton around the ear plug
  2. Soften the plugs with clean hands
  3. Mould the plug into the size and shape of your ear canal.
  4. Carefully insert the entire plug into your ear while pulling your ear lobe back

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