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Pilbox Liberty

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Pill Dispenser

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A weekly pill dispenser you can take with you everywhere you go! Compact and elegant, this famous model in the Pilbox range has a style and a “leather goods” design that guarantee complete discretion.

User profile:

  • For people on multiple medications taking their treatment at home or on the move.
  • For active, working, travelling people on multiple medications.


  • A compact format in a fashionable style that’s easy to transport
  • 7 modules to organise and to store your weekly treatment (4 compartments per module: morning, noon, evening and night)


  • 7 ergonomic modules and 4 compartments per module (morning, noon, evening, night). Each compartment can contain up to 6 standard-size capsules. Each module corresponds to one day’s treatment and can be removed separately to carry a full day’s treatment with you. A different colour indicates the first day’s treatment.
  • Easy and safe to use: 2 directions of module lid opening avoid any confusion during use. Day-time direction: the lid opens on 3 day-time squares and is blocked for the fourth. Night-time direction: the lid opens on 1 night-time square only and is then block.
  • Sensory and visual markers to indicate each dose.
  • A chart for your important medical information and a space for storing your prescription.
  • Available in 2 colours: red and blue.
  • Dimensions:
    pill boxe size 17.3×11.5×3 cm,
    module size 11×2.3×2 cm,
    compartment size 2.5x2x1.7cm

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