Quies Aquaplug Earplugs 1 Pair


  • For ear protection from water
  • 1 reusable pair
  • Not used for diving
  • Soft and flexible silicon texture
  • has 3 rings to hold the earplug firmly in place for optimum protection
  • Fits all ear shapes and sizes
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Quies Aquaplug Earplugs is designed to complete ear protection from water without isolating you from outside surrounding, allowing you to perceive sounds well. It is reusable and made to adapt all hearing canals thus protecting fragile ears by keeping them dry. Quies Aquaplug Earplugs are very comfortable thanks to the silicone selected for its softness and flexibility.

Recommendations for use:

  • Insert the ringed tip into the ear using a slight twisting motion while gently pulling the earlobe backwards.
  • After use clean the ear plugs with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Leave Quies Aquaplugs to dry before using them again.
  • Do not use for diving.

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