Created in 1992, Nutrisanté Laboratories develop and produce very high-tech food supplements using natural, organic material. In order to do so, researchers from Nutrisanté Laboratories work in conjunction with major research bodies, doctors and pharmacists to study the concepts of natural health. They develop clinical study initiatives involving the active ingredients used in these products while focussing on the whole person. Hence, our nutritional approach to health is based on the latest scientific and medical data available. The mission of Nutrisanté Laboratories is to deal with nutritional deficiencies and, more importantly, inoperative biochemical reactions in order to restore balance to the body.
Food supplements from Nutrisanté Laboratories are made up of natural molecules that fully contribute to the body’s well-being. Immediately identified by the body, these natural substances are capable of entering the body’s metabolism bearing a repair capacity far superior to that of synthetic chemicals. Free of side effects and contraindications, they are perfectly tolerated by the body. The human body is recognized as an infinitely complex entity. It hosts billions of exchange and transforming reactions that occur simultaneously within our cells.
The human body is like a ‘metabolic network’ that never stops working. If one of its exchanges is blocked, a local breakdown in balance occurs, which weakens the body and may trigger illness. To deal with this situation, our body has its own self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms that are extremely effective. It is important, however, to reinforce the proper functioning of these mechanisms by supplying the biological elements essential to stimulating the metabolism and restoring balance. Based on the biochemical and biodynamic study of cell and organic reactions, Nutrisanté Laboratories are able to formulate, develop, and produce very high-tech food supplements.

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