Nutricap Keratin and Vitality 90 caps


This exclusive formula provides a complete response by promoting healthy hair, mainly due to biotin, which preserves the hair during environmental or physiological changes (seasonal variation, stress, transient fatigue, hormone changes and weight loss, etc.).

This box contains three months of care whose one free month.

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Nutricap Keratin and Vitality 90 caps is a 3-month program, offering you 1 free month. Further, it is a food supplement which allows to fight against the loss of volume and the hair shine.

Nutricap Keratin is a solution for hair loss due to seasonal or reactive condition (tiredness, stress, hormonal changes, weight loss…). Moreover, it helps to improve your hair brilliance, its resistance and volume. Also, it allows also to improve the growth of your nails and to fortify. Additionally, this supplement contains two vital amino acids for hair growth cystine and the methionine. Hence, these two amino acids  help to favor the formation of keratin of good quality, an essential protein of the hair. Therefore, the active biotin in Nutricap allows a hair growth, and to fight against hair loss.

How to use Nutricap Keratin and Vitality 90:

In the maintenance phase: 1 capsule per day with breakfast.

In attack phase: 2 capsules per day with breakfast.For best results, use program for 3 months consecutively.

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