Nutricap Anti-Hair Loss 180 caps


Nutricap Anti-Hair Loss helps stimulate hair from within and thus contributes to hair grouth.

Contains, Prosilium, horsetail plant extract, helps strengthen hair and nails.

Iron and vitamins B5, B2, & B3 which help combat bouts of tiredness.

Vitamin B8 and zinc help keep the hair and scalp healthy.

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Nutricap Anti-Hair Loss 180 Capsules is a food supplement addresses men and women subject to an important or unimportant hair loss. Furthermore, rich in actives of natural origin. Additionally, this food supplement helps to calm the hair loss, and will stimulates the growth of your hair. Moreover, it contains  numerous actives of vegetal, vitamins and minerals. One of the most active ingredients is Prosilium, which helps to reinforce hair and nails. Also, contains Iron and vitamins B5, B2 and PP. Which help to fight against the temporary fatigue, that can be responsible of fragile and dull hair. As well, contains vitamin B8 and the zinc, participate to the maintain of hair and hair scalp in good health.

How to use: 

Take 2 capsules of Nutricap Anti-Hair Loss per day during the breakfast.


This Nutricap supplement is a 3 month program ( 1 month free).

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