Meaningful Innovation
To ISDIN, innovation is much more than create or add new features. Innovation is excel to fill a need and contribute to improving the quality of life of people.
We always have a commitment with which we were born 40 years ago: to meet the needs of your skin and mucous membranes. Our products combine maximum efficiency and safety with innovative textures to ensure a satisfactory test and sensory experience. And thus facilitating optimal compliance regimen for healthier skin. The result of our work with passion and commitment, is a comprehensive proposal of products that, today, we have the immense satisfaction of helping millions of people feel better with your skin. But we are not satisfied. To ISDIN is fundamental constant collaboration with health professionals and the scientific community. We underline our Medical Advisory Board (MAB), a team of professionals with proven experience and prestige worldwide that provides criteria for decision-making and development of new projects. The MAB allows us to grow to continue leading the Spanish market and be an international leader in the treatment of skin.


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