Isdin Age Repair Color Fusion Water SPF 50 50 ml


  • A tinted anti-aging sunscreen suitable for all skin types
  • With high UV protection and optimal tolerance
  • Protects from sun exposure and corrects wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reverts the visible signs of skin aging
  • Promotes the repair of accumulated sun damage at the cellular level


Age Repair Color Water from Isdin is a water-phased tinted facial sunscreen with triple anti-photoaging action that offers a fresh feel and rapid absorption texture. It offers high protection that helps prevent sun damage and protects the skin from urban pollution and combats the oxidative damage caused.

In addition, it contributes to the stimulation of our own Coenzyme Q10 synthesis, improving skin luminosity. It also boosts our collagen synthesis thus reducing wrinkles while promoting the repair of damaged skin cells. Moreover, Age Repair Color Water contains hyaluronic acid which improves skin’s elasticity and hydration.

New generation of ISDIN sunscreens for daily use that optimally combines UV protection, excellent skin tolerance, and reduced environmental impact.


An ultra-light formulation that allows rapid skin absorption and leaves no shininess or residue. In addition to the delicate sensation of freshness and a silky finish without stinging the eyes.


-Collagen Booster Peptide
-ADN Repairsomes
-Peptide Q10
-Hyaluronic Acid
-Sunscreen filters


Apply onto the skin of the face and neck daily after your facial moisturizer or 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours, after sweating, swimming, or towel-drying. Note that it is applicable over wet skin with no decrease in efficacy.

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