It all began in the 1930s, long before the second World War…The journey started with Albert Ducray, the son of a dermatologist, when he discovered the mediocre quality of shampoos available in hairdressing salons. This was a time when shampoos were “made” using powdered soap, to be dissolved in water before washing. They used alkaline ingredients, which damaged hair and made it look dull. Albert Ducray went on to design the first dermo-cosmetic shampoos and launched them on the market under the brand Lik’ SAVONS. Ducray used “indications” as a guide and created shampoos made from Alsatian chamomile extract for blond hair, panama extract (oily hair), eggs (normal hair), and pine tar. These new products were both high-quality, and original to use. Ready-to-use shampoos had just appeared on the market, and “dermo-cosmetic” products were now able to take off. The product offering expanded as more and more products were created for both hair and skin, to meet everyone’s expectations and needs, from health professionals to consumers. However, DUCRAY didn’t stop there. The year 1985 marked the exploration of a new market: the skin care market and the launch of Ictyane, the 1st hydrating cream to compensate for the drying effects of acne treatments. This popular cream, the N°1 Hydrating cream for face and body sold in pharmacies*, has combined a highly-hydrating formula with a pleasant texture and unmatched fragrance for over 25 years. DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories currently offer more than 60 products to care for skin, scalp and hair.

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