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Ducray Elution Rebalancing Shampoo 200ml


The Elution rebalancing shampoo by Ducray is designed specifically to remedy this problem, thanks to its dermo-protective formula that allows to gently cleanse the scalp, and prevent the risk of recurrence of dandruff .

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Ducray Elution Rebalancing Shampoo is a rebalancing shampoo that allows to limit the recidivism of dandruff. Furthermore, is a gentle dermo-protective shampoo and a follow-up to anti-dandruff treatments, which may weaken or damage the hair. Moreover, this shampoo with gentle washing base to soothe actives and clean the hair scalp gently. Thus limits the risks of dandruff recidivism. Also, the anti-dandruff treatments can tend to weaken the scalp . On the other hand, the Elution rebalancing shampoo is designed specifically to remedy this problem. Additionally, this shampoo contains soothing active ingredients such as zinc gluconate and vitamin B5. Therefore, it rapidly prevents the recidivism of dandruff, hair have more volume and are softer.


  • Texture: shampoo;
  • Hair issues: icthing, redness, weakened hair and scalp, follow-up to anti-dandruff treatments;
  • Time of application: bath;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: soothes and protects sensitive hair and scalp, helps the hair recover its former vigor, health, volume and shine.

How to use:

Apply Ducray Elution Rebalancing Shampoo to wet scalp. Massage gently, then rinse. Reapply and leave on for a few minutes. May be used as often as desired.

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