Your Immune System & How to Boost It

You’re not supposed to ever be sick, yes, you are never supposed to be sick.  The human body is a miraculous machine that has been created to take care of itself and heal itself, you are born with a natural defense mechanism that works throughout your life span , 24/7 , nonstop , to protect you , heal you , prevent your sickness & maintain your wellbeing , this system has been amazingly designed in such a way to not only fight against diseases , but to make sure you never get them again ,well,  this system is your immune system , and you should take care of it .

  • How Does Your Immune System Work?

The Immune System is a network of biological processes that detects disease-causing germs, neutralize their harmful substance and fight these germs preventing their impact.

  • What weakens your immune system & what are the signs of A Weakened immune system?

Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, HIV & other autoimmune conditions are the major immune weakening factors. Other factors may include stress, malnutrition & poor quality of life.

There are several signs your body shows if you have a weakened immune system;

  • Constant Cold
  • Never Ending Stomach Issues
  • Continuous Exhaustion or Extreme stress
  • Slow Healing Process
  • More Prone To Infections


  • How to Boost Your Immune System? 
  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Nutrition ; Getting enough fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and 100 percent whole grains supports good health
  3. Immune Boosting Supplements; supplements can help give you the boost you need. Vitamin A, C, D, E, Zinc & Selenium are among the most effective nutrients for the boost.
  4. Exercise Regularly
  5. Maintain A healthy weight ; obesity weakens he immune system and compromises its effect
  6. Enough Sleep
  7. Decrease Alcohol Intake & Stop Smoking

Needless To Say, Prevention is the key, the only way to not fall sick is to stay away from sick people and take all the necessary precautions which include proper hygiene, social distancing, immune support and wearing a mask.

Finally , If there is one this pandemic has taught us , it would be to value all we have and never take anything for granted , especially our own health  . If there is one thing we realized, it would be how valuable health is and how cheap everything else becomes when compared to one’s life, so take care of your body, your health and your immune system, they are your long lasting home.

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