Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Essense 30ml


Pigmentation Disorders Treatment

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This Vichy Meta Whitening Essense with a new meta whitening complex that works with the skin’s metablism to tackle the melanin life cycle at all three stages.

Moreover, it corrects 7 pigmentation disorders and gives your skin an immediate fair, rosy glow. Enriched with titanium dioxide and pink pearlescent agent, it provides immediate whitening effect and rosy glow and leaves skin plump and smooth.

In addition,Meta-Whitening Complex is made possible with an all-star combination of PHE-Resourcinol (whitening agent), Ellagic Acid (Anti-oxidant), Adenosis (Anti-aging, Whitening), and LHA (exfoliation). These ingredients work together to retune the skin’s balance for ultimate whitening efficacy.

Additionally, it’s Hypoallergenic – Paraben-free  – Non comedogenic – Enhanced with Soothing and fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Clinical Results: After 8 weeks:

  • Yellowish Skin tone and dullness are reduced (seen from 4th week onwards)
  • Spots look faded in color intensity and number
  • Skin recovers its ideal white tone: radiant, rosy, translucent and flawless


Apply Vichy Meta Whitening Essense every morning and/or evening within your whitening skin care routine. Avoid eye area.

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