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Appetite Suppressant, Flat Belly, Anti-Stress

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Revolution Safran:
Proven clinically:  
  • 84% reduction in sensation of hunger
  • 78% reduction of sugar cravings
  • Up to 6 cm loss from thigh area
  • Promotes weight loss by decreasing snacking and by improvement of emotional well-being.


Global innovation:
2 years of research have led to the discovery of Satireal, the active weight loss ingredient for Saffron.


1. Action occurs on stress and eating behavior
Stress affects how much food we consume. It is usually translated by compulsive snacking. This phenomenon induces weight gain that the subject will try to stop by imposing dietary restrictions, which are additional sources of stress.

 Saffron improves the mental state and has a satiety effect. It controls and reduces sugar cravings and compulsive nibbling which leads to weight control and slimming Satiereal, a patented active base of saffron. The neurotransmitter serotonin regulates mood and emotions. It can also reduce hunger which creates a real feeling of satiety Satireal, the active ingredient in saffron has a direct effect on serotonin.


2. Proven effectiveness:
Inhibits serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and improves the emotional well being
Exerts a satiety feeling


1 tablet per day before lunch , improves the emotional well-being, exerts a satiety effect, decreases compulsive snacking, and promotes slimming

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