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Schaebens Pomegranate Regenerating Concentrate -5 Capsules-


Rejuvenating face mask

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Since ancient times, the pomegranate is considered rejuvenating elixir. This rich revitalizing concentrate for all skin types and tones wrinkles.
Extracts from pomegranate and carrot smooth and regenerate.
Valuable plant oils from Echium, Wild Rose and safflower improve elasticity, Vitamin E additionally activated cell renewal.
The concentrate protects the skin against damaging environmental influences and gives a radiant complexion.

The result: Your skin looks noticeably smoother and looks much more vital from.

To open the capsule cut off the tip. After cleansing the skin, the concentrate with your fingertips gently over face, neck and décolleté and gently pat.
A regular (daily) use is recommended.

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