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Schaebens Kleopatra Mask -2x5ml-

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Facial mask

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Schaebens Kleopatra Mask containing mare milk, almond oil and royal jelly had been developed in particular for strained skin and is suitable for al skin types.
Already Kleopatra bathed in milk and honey for a smoother and velvety-like skin.
Your skin will be cared, smoothened and nourished sustainably through skin-pampering components of this relaxing treat mask.
Additional honey indulges the skin and bounds moisture in the skin cells.

  • Protection from moisture loss
  • For a silky, smooth and pampered skin
  • A fostering experience for the well-being

Spread evenly to the cleaned face skin (and cleavage). Leave out eyes, mouth and lip aeas.
Leave it for 10 to 15minutes and then gentle massage the remaining mask or remove it with a cleansing tissue.
If required use 2-3 time per week.

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