Roge Cavailles Dermato Deodorant 48H Spray 150ml


  • Its composition gives you 48 hours of fresh sensation .
  • Brings comfort, a feeling of freshness and well-being everyday. Long-lasting effectiveness .
  • Clinically tested on sensitive skins. Aluminium salts-free.
  • Alcohol free. Paraben free.
  • Fresh fragrance. Hypoallergenic.
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Roge Cavailles Dermato Deodorant 48H Spray with its salts-free formula, enriched in propolis extracts and in ultra-absorbing actives, fights durably against the odors and humidity. Propolis recognized for its soothing and anti-bacterial virtues helps to neutralize the bad odors. The result gives a 48H efficacy for a sensation of long duration freshness.

This deodorant offers you a lasting fight against odors and humidity thanks to its formula without aluminum salts which is rich in propolis extract and ultra-absorbent agents .
Propolis will offer you its anti-bacterial and also soothing virtues which will help you neutralize bad odors.
Its composition gives you 48 hours of fresh sensation .

Roge Cavailles Dermato Deodorant Anti-Odors 48H Spray specifically for all types of skin, even the most sensitive. Indeed offers a feeling of freshness but also an optimal protection against odors and perspiration .

How to use :

Shake well before each use.
Spray daily on clean, dry armpits, taking care to maintain a distance of about 15 centimetres.

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