Resultime Anti-Dark Spot Unifying Cream SPF30 50ml


  • A unifying cream that offers a SPF 30 protection.
  • The complexion is unified.
  • The spots are blurred.
  • The skin is brighter.

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Resultime SPF30 Unifying Cream is a unifying cream that offers a SPF 30 protection. This anti-aging and anti-dark spot cream fights hyper-pigmentation and prevents new spots from appearing. SPF 30 Super Active Vitamin C Unifying Cream brings together the unprecedented combination of a micro-collagen vectorized with vitamin C over-activated. This combination gives this cream an anti-aging action that will act on your complexion gradually fading the apparent tasks.

Formulated with super activated Vitamin C and Biotechnical Sugars to brighten, unify, firm, smooth, and most importantly protect the skin. This anti-spots cream with vectorized micro-collagen also unifies the complexion while preserving the skin of premature cutaneous photo-aging and preventing the appearance of spots (SPF 30).

Its high sun protection SPF30 surely helps to prevent the appearance of stains and protect the skin from photo-aging.

How to use :

Apply Resultime SPF30 Unifying Cream in the morning on face and also neck.

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