Resultime Replenishing Cream Retinol 50ml


  • This redensifying cream is formulated for all skin types.
  • The skin is redensified , more elastic .
  • Skin is visibly strengthened.
  • The oval of the face is redrawn and wrinkles appear to be smoothed .


Resultime Replenishing Cream Retinol is an unctuous anti-aging cream with expert association of ATP encapsulate Retinol (molecule of cell energy) and Vectorize Micro-Collagen (Resultime patent) contributes to boost Collagen. This redensifying cream remarkably boosts the synthesis of collagen. It redensifies and helps the skin to regenerate.

This treatment fights against wrinkles and lack of firmness , it offers cell regeneration and limits the damage to Collagen .

Resultime Replenishing Cream Retinol is indeed an anti-aging day cream with micro-elastin which stimulates cell synthesis and preserves skin firmness.

Its formula combines encapsulated retinol with ATP and Vectorized MicroCollagen (Patent Resultime) which regenerate skin cells and tissues by stimulating the production of collagen.

Hence, The skin is redensified, visibly firmed, the face contour is redrawn.

How to use :

Apply every morning to clean, dry skin. Daily hydration doesn’t stop at the chin! When applying your day cream, remember to go down the neck and go to the neckline. Indeed, the skin in this place is sensitive like that of the face and it is often visible, therefore subject to the same aggression’s as are pollution, the sun or even air conditioning. The neck, with the hands, remains one of the places that most betrays the passage of time.

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