Puressentiel Respiratory Throat Spray 15ml


-Food supplement
-100% natural origin
-With propolis, honey and echinacea
-Preservative free – propellant gas free
-Coloring free – non artificial flavor



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Puressentiel Throat Spray helps relieve, clear, clean the airways and soothe the throat irritation.
It quickly soothes the throat and relieves tired vocal cords. It combines the propolis and echinacea stimulating properties against winter assault, softening honey and essential oils.

-Peppermint essential oil: soothes the throat, pharynx and vocal cords.
-Thyme essential oil: supports the optimal functioning of the respiratory system

Adults: 2 to 3 sprays of Puressentiel Throat Spray per use at the back of the throat, 3-6 times a day.
Children (over 7 years): 1 spray per use at the back of the throat 3 t 6 times per day.

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