Puressentiel Aroma Stress Roll On 5ml


  • 100% natural formula with proven efficacy.
  • Helps release tension.
  • Helps restore the mind during stressful times.
  • With 12 essential oils.
  • Calms feelings of anger and nervousness or low morale.
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Puressentiel Aroma Stress Roll-On helps to release tension by calming feelings of nervousness and moral weariness. It also helps soothe your mind when your emotions are too oppressive. In addition, it is compact and easy to use, this natural treatment offers you an effective solution to soothe daily tensions.

Moreover, thanks to its composition of 12 rigorously selected essential oils, this roller relieves feelings of nervousness and mental fatigue. Take it with you at all times for a moment of immediate relaxation. In addition, all ingredients are of natural origin and free of dyes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and mineral oils.

Puressentiel Aroma Stress Roll-On helps relieve nervousness and lightens the spirit during moments of extremely suffocating emotions.


Shake well before use. Apply to skin: inside wrists, temples ad sides of the neck. Rub the wrists against one another and breathe in deeply the scent of the essential oils whenever the feeling of stress arises: take 10 deep breaths.

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