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Pileje Digebiane 30 tablets


Dietary Supplement

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Pileje Digebiane Tablets aids digestion after a heavy meal or an unbalanced diet. This dietary supplement Pileje gives a boost to improve digestive comfort.
Its plant extract of lemon balm, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, acts on digestive disorders with colic and bloating.
This component stimulates bile secretion, the functions of stomach and intestinal contractions for easier digestion.
Of pineapple and papaya are rich in digestive enzymes powder, promotes decomposition and digestion of proteins to minimize the signs of indigestion, gas and abdominal bloating.
Coupled calcium carbonate sodium bicarbonate, antacid agents, the equilibrium pH of the gastric juice to form a gelatinous film dressing for the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Take 3-6 tablets daily, during or at the end of the meal.

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