Pileje Dermobiane Hair And Nails 40 Capsules


Hair and Nails Supplement
Helps you look the healthy hair and nails you want
Helps maintain normal hair and nails with zinc, selenium, biotin, and copper.

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Hair as nails reflect our overall condition. Like any living cell, they need to be nourished by specific nutrients.
Pileje Dermobiane Hair And Nails is composed of zinc, selenium, copper and biotin.
Zinc and selenium help maintain normal nails.
Biotin, copper, selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.
Pileje Dermobiane Hair And Nails is also composed of cysteine, taurine and bamboo extracts.

Cysteine, an amino suffering present in the keratin which is the main component of hair and nails acid.
Taurine to improve the bioavailability of cysteine.
Silica, to enhance hair strength and nails and a plurality of micronutrients (vitamins B, zinc, copper, selenium).

2 capsules per day, to swallow. Duration of treatment: 20 days

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