Osun Virgin Coconut Tanning Oil 150ml


  • 100% pure and natural with no staining
  • For healthy bronze glow
  • Grants you a softer skin and thicker hair
  • Acts as natural conditioner for a shiny hair
  • Moisturizes skin while protecting from sun burns
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Osun Virgin Coconut Oil moistures, protect and gives your skin and hair the ideal glow it deserves. Regarding the skin benefits, this products can reduces skin dryness while protecting from sun burns. It also rejuvenates the skin and avoids skin aging and damage from UV rays. In addition, it affects hair & scalp by preventing hair loss and greying hair and by promoting hair growth. Besides, it acts as natural conditioner for shiny hair and it combats dandruff while moisturizing the scalp.

Osun Virgin Coconut Oil contains fatty acid that protects the skin with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins that activate the melanin production.


Osun coconut oil has an amazing organic formula that ensures you get an instant bronzed glow. It is not an alternative to sunscreen.

However, combining osun coconut oil with the right sunscreen aim to provide better tanning results and a natural glow without blocking the healthy Vitamin D that you need.

Reapply often, whenever you feel need to.


Although coconut oil has so many beauty benefits you should always be careful using it on your face.
A patch test is always recommended to detect any skin sensitivity, although ou product is 100% natural and harmless.

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