Noreva Iklen+ CC Creme Unifying Day Cream 40ml


  • Active complex fades away brown marks caused by abnormal pigmentation.
  • Rucinol inhibits melanin production and spots from developing.
  • Invisible, fragrance-free formula is easily applied and makes perfect make-up base or primer.
  • New improved formula “Depigmentant & Anti-Age” Cream

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Noreva Iklen+ CC Creme Unifying Day Cream is a new generation care ideal to correct, smooth and moisturize the skin and sublimate it naturally.

The formula of this cream contains:
– Rucinol: a depigmenting active agent which acts in the core of the cell on the synthesis of melanin favoring the disappearance of the spots,
– Ceramides that replenish and also moisturize the skin as well.

The natural color of its pigments makes it an excellent base for make-up, for a perfect complexion and an evened skin in a single gesture. Hence, the skin is sublimated and the spots removed.

New generation of unified care. Noreva Iklen+ CC Creme Unifying Day Cream is the first tinted day care specifically for skin with pigmentation disorders. Enriched with ceramides, it moisturizes and visibly smooths the skin. It contains Rucinol, which acts on the main mechanisms responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. Thus favors the disappearance of brown spots.

The natural shade of its pigments makes it a perfect base for make-up. For an even complexion and surely a smooth hydrated skin in a single gesture.

How to use :

Apply in the morning on clean and dry skin with light touches on the face.
Apply from the inside to the outside, with fingertips.

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