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Lazartigue Moisturizing Shampoo 150ml


Moisturizing shampoo indicated for colour-treated hair. Formulated with no sulfate or silicone. With aromatic floral fragrance and creamy texture. Contains camellia oil and botanical antioxidants.

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Lazartigue Moisturizing Shampoo prolongs color shine of colour-treated hair.

Traditional colouring products containing ammonia and peroxide can devitalise the hair. Without appropriate care, the hair scales quickly lift, resulting in loss of pigments. Colour shine is dull and fades. Moreover, your hair feels dry and rough.
To gently cleanse colour-treated hair and prolong colour shine, this shampoo with an aromatic floral fragrance is formulated with no sulfate or silicone. With its optimal pH 4.5, the creamy texture closes the scales of the fibre to protect and prolong colour radiance. In addition, Lazartigue Moisturizing Shampoo contains camellia oil, which is rich in omega-6, and botanical antioxidants. Thus, it deeply moisturizes the fibre, protects the colour and delivers vibrant shine.

Wet hair thoroughly. Apply evenly on the hair, gently massage to create a lather, and finally rinse. Proceed with a second application if necessary. In case of contact with eyes rinse abundantly.

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