Klorane Blond Highlights Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile 125ml


  • Helps lighten blond hair naturally
  • Creates honey-gold highlights to light-brown hair
  • The lightening is completely natural and gradual
  • Gentle ultra-clean formula without bleaching agents
  • More pronounced with repeated use
  • Hair is soft, easy to detangle, and full of radiance

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Blond Highlights Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile by Klorane Enriched with Chamomile and honey extract. Further this spray illuminates and lightens progressively and naturally blond hair of the whole family. Moreover, this spray has a gentle ultra-clean formula without bleaching agents. Furthermore, it is indicated to progressively and naturally highlight blond and brown hair. Also, rich with Honey which softens and lightens the hair. Additionally, this leave-in spray makes the hair instantly soft and easier to comb, and progressively lightens the hair strands. Therefore, the hair becomes lighter, shinier, with a sun-kissed look.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Texture: liquid;
  • Hair issues: dull hair, blond highlights fading;
  • Time of application: before styling;
  • Age: 3+;
  • Hair type: blond hair;
  • Main benefits: enhances shine, lightens and brightens blond highlights;
  • Formulated without: parabens, silicone, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, sulfates, sodium chloride.

How to use:

Spray Blond Highlights Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile onto dry or towel-dried hair. Do not rinse. Also, for a highlight effect, spray on select strands. Color is gradual with repeated use. Spray daily for 3-4 weeks. In addition, results can be accelerated by the sun and heat styling tools

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