ISIS Pharma Neotone Radiance SPF50+ 30ml


An intensive protective fluid to reduce brown spots and improve fairness of skin. With blue light protection and anti-pollution active ingredient.

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ISIS Pharma Neotone Radiance is a depigmenting and protective day care.
It acts against all types of pigmentary spots, thanks to its patented DEPI-ACT® complex, while offering a complete solar protection. In fact, its specific active ingredients protect the skin against sun rays, blue light and pollution, which are the main causes of the appearance of brown spots.

-The patented complex [DEPI-ACT®] offers a synergy of unique depigmenting actions. Thanks to its combination of 4 rigorously selected active ingredients, it acts at every stage of the formation of brown spots. Moreover,  it imitates the natural mechanism responsible for the whiteness of the palms of the hand. Thus, to effectively remove brown spots.
– Fractionated melanin: protects against the adverse effects caused by blue light and allows to prevent the appearance of extensive hormonal brown spots.
– Filmogenic Polysaccharides: anti-pollution shield to prevent the appearance of age spots and sun-induced spots.

Apply ISIS Pharma Neotone Radiance everyday in the morning, on clean skin, over the whole face, neck, neckline and hands. Avoid contact with eyes.

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