Herome Mini Nail Set


Nail set that includes products to help very weak nails, restore the condition of dry nails, remove nail polish, and restore dry and torn cuticles.

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Herome Mini Nail Set includes:
-Nourishing Nail Oil 4ml
-Nail Hardener 4ml
-Cuticle Cream 3ml
-Nail Polish Remover 10ml

Herome Nourishing Nail Oil is suitable for use on dry nails, forcing the growth of weaker nails. The oil even reaches underneath the nail to the root, thus helping to restore the condition of nails. . Moreover, it protects the nails against damage and keeps them soft.
Herome Nourishing Nail Oil should preferably be applied to clean nails and massaged into the fingers. The oil is absorbed by the nail and by massage.

Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong is designed for weak as well as splitting nails. It can also be used as a protective base coat. Moreover, it gives a beautiful shine. Herôme Nail Hardener guarantees strong nails within 14 days.
Apply a layer of Nail Hardener
Apply a second layer of Nail Hardener
Remove the layers with the Caring Nail Polish Remover and apply a layer of Nail Hardener.
Finally, apply a second layer of Nail Hardener, etc.
Repeat this for program for 2 weeks.

Herome Cuticle Cream prevents and combats hard nail tips and makes them smooth and soft. Ideal for massaging or restoring skin at night.
Apply the Herôme Cuticle Cream to the cuticle and massage into the nails well. Preferably apply before sleeping so that the cream can work on the nail throughout the night.

Herome Nail Polish Remover is acetone free. It prevent dry nails. It is mild and gentle.
Apply the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover to a dry cotton pad and hold the saturated pad onto the nail. Remove the nail polish from the cuticle to the tip of the nail.

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