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Glizigen Lip Cream 5ml


Glizigen Lip Cream, a highly moisturizing lip cream

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For labial problems. GLIZIGEN LABIAL is a product that is marketed as a highly moisturizing lip cream indicated in case of cracking, sensitive lips and viral problems.

Glizigen is a new specific product created by Laboratorios Catalysis that allows treating viral viral infections such as those of the lips (hence its two presentations). Its activated components – mainly glycyrrhizinic acid, with well-known antiviral properties – help a rapid recovery as well as rehydrate and regenerate the epithelial tissue producing a quick sensation of relief. CATALYSIS has discovered a new formulation to combat all INFECTIONS CAUSED BY HERPES in its various forms (genital, varicella-zoster, labial, …)


Apply regularly on the lips. If necessary, 3-5 applications a day will quickly improve its appearance.

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