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GiGi No Bump Shave Gel 177ml


  • Lets you get an ultra-close shave from head to toe.
  • Ideal for your face, arms, legs, and even your most intimate areas.
  • Infused with skin-loving ingredients that help prep your skin for effortless and hygienic shaving.
  • Contains salicylic acid that helps with unclogging pores and skin exfoliation to prevent skin bumps and ingrown hair.
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GiGi No-Bump Shave Gel is a unique shave gel that gives a precise, ultra-close shave while preventing bumps and razor burn. It is formulated with Salicylic Acid to help unclog pores for a smooth finish, and removes grime and dirt. In addition, it is perfect for both men & women and gentle enough to use all over the body & face. Moreover, it contains Chamomile and hydrating micro-beads that retain natural skin moisture before trimming.

Besides, GiGi No-Bump Shave Gel is razor-friendly and works best with any blade. It also helps the razor glide smoothly making it easy for you to shave any part of your body. This gel grants you a painless and hassle-free shaving. Not only it does not stick to the blades but you can also rinse it out easily with water.

Moreover, this gel has a properties of pre-shaving gel to get your skin ready for an ultra-close and easy shaving time. It is great to use for the face over your cheeks and upper lips, and also gentle on the body especially on the legs and underarms, and ideal for underarms too. It is suitable for all skin types and works great even on easily irritated skin. This gel is safe to use even on the delicate body parts like the bikini area. 


Wash area to be shaved with warm water. Apply a generous amount of on bump shave gel to palm of hand or directly on the area to be shaved. Do not lather. Carefully shave area and rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

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