Filorga C-Recover Radiance Boosting Concentrate 3 Vials x10ml


  • Formulated with pure vitamin C (8%)
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Combat wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acts as antioxidant thanks to enrichment with vitamin C
  • Ideal for smoking and polluted environments prone skins
  • For glowing and luminous skin

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Filorga C-Recover Boosting Concentrate with the power of pure and fresh vitamin C for visibly more radiant, smoother and invigorated skin. In addition, it reduces signs of tiredness, naturally enhances the complexion and brightens and rejuvenates the skin. It also hydrates and redensifies the skin, thus granting your skin a youthful and younger look. Filorga C-Recover Boosting Concentrate designed with pure concentrated vitamin C (8%) that is sealed to prevent the entry of air and light to ensure its properties are preserved until use.


-Encourages radiant and youthful-looking skin
-Enriched with ultra-moisturizing factors
-Reduces skin fatigue appearance


-Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that promotes the production of collagen as well as it grants radiance to the skin.
-Polysaccharides, ensure immediate hydration of the skin
-With NCTF complex to reinforce the anti-aging action


-Activate by pressing hard on the white piston to release a dose of pure vitamin C powder.
-Shake vigorously then pull the piston again.
-Screw in the dropper. Press the rubber bulb to fill the dropper, and then unscrew it.
-Apply the product evenly across the skin every morning, before applying your usual day cream.

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