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Doppelherz aktiv Siliceous Earth For Skin, Hair, Nails & Connective Tissue 30 tablets

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Dietary supplement

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Siliceous earth is an exceptional source of silica, a nutrient necessary for bone and connective tissue formation and maintenance.
Aging and unbalanced diets are the main factors responsible for exhaustion of body silica reserves, resulting in brittle hair, nails and skin and thinner hair. Siliceous earth tablets provide silica and nutrients important for strong, shiny nails and hair, full hair volume and skin resilience.

Features & Benefits:

  • With 800 mg siliceous earth, a natural source of silica.
  • 300 μg biotin to help fortify hair and nails.
  • Copper supports collagen synthesis and hair color maintenance.
  • With extra calcium and magnesium for normal cell renewal.
  • Lactose free & Gluten free.

Take 2 tablets daily at meal with enough liquid. Do not chew. The tablets can be divided into 2 halves, if necessary.